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US Politics

Debate and Discuss

Discussion of current events in American politics
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The purpose of this community is to expose willing and interested people of all American political parties to the viewpoints of other people on any and all current events in American politics. Members should join the community understanding that tolerance of other peoples' opinions is required, and an attempt to understand where they're coming from and to engage in civil debate with them is encouraged and desired.

Personally, I was inspired to create this community when I attended a "pro-life" forum at my university, expecting to rebut each and every point during the Q&A session; instead I found myself speechless. Sure, I took issues with a lot of things that were said, but I walked away with a more positive outlook on the issue and a higher opinion of the "pro-lifers." I believe that hearing what the other side has to say before making a decision on an issue is critical if we are ever to achieve significant and extensive reform or change on the issues we care the most about.

I completely intend for people from all political affiliations to join this community, so respect and tact is necessarily required. I have a lot of patience as far as banning people; I believe in second chances, etc. But if it comes to a point where you're obviously just inciting an argument or personally attacking people, you're out. Commense sense is the law here.

If this community grows and attracts a lot of people, I'll be sure to ask for help moderating the community. Enjoy!


~oh yeah- Introductory posts are great. Feel free to say hello and discuss your political background and beliefs!