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USA influenced National Socialist German Workers Party. And badly.

The notorious American and National Socialist Edward Bellamy authored the socialist utopian fantasy "Equality." The popularity of Bellamy's eugenic utopia coincided with Alfred Ploetz's formulation of a scientific method for its realization. Ploetz (August 22, 1860 – March 20, 1940) was a German physician and eugenicist known for coining the term racial hygiene (Rassenhygiene) and promoting the concept in Germany. Many German socialists responded enthusiastically to Bellamy's vision as offering the basis in evolutionary terms for a classless world community or Volksgemeinschaft.

Edward was the cousin and cohort of Francis Bellamy, also a socialist, and the author of the "Pledge of Allegiance" to the flag. The Nazi salute originated in America from Francis Bellamy's pledge, as shown in the work of Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Pledge of Allegiance Secrets").

The arm extended straight out was an early way of saluting the American flag during the pledge. People would raise their right hand to their forehead and perform the standard military salute at the pledge's beginning, and then at the words "to my flag", extend their arm straight out. It was not an ancient Roman salute, although that is a popular myth (The Roman salute myth is most likely due in part to Victorian era historians romanticizing details of ancient history).

The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) adapted the gesture from Americans. The Eugenics movement in Britain and America was one of Hitler's inspirations for genocide, just as his salute was inspired by the American salute.
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