R. Hawkins Herman (noncognosco) wrote in uspolitics,
R. Hawkins Herman

The Global Struggle Against Extremism

Tonight, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart reported that the Bush administration has ditched the "War on Terror" slogan in favor of a newer and more palatable term, "Global Struggle Against Extremism". I thought about this for a while. I'm generally against extremism. I've decided that finally the Bush team has come up with something I can sign onto. And I can't think of a better example of extremism right here in America than the extreme right-wing Christian Coalition-types who are increasingly taking over our government.

I hereby pledge to aid the Global Struggle Against Extremism by promoting gay rights and voting for Democratic candidates in 2006.

I urge everyone who reads this post to join the Global Struggle Against Extremism. You all know of extremists, either in your town or anywhere around the world. Post the ways in which you are helping to fight extremism and spread to word. Remember: the Global Struggle Against Extremism starts at home.
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